Product Development

Across all industries, Daher Manufacturing Inc. provides solutions that improve quality, increase comfort, and boost aesthetic appeal. The company’s strength resides in its experience manufacturing a broad product range which generates important incentives for innovation.

Our trained experts provide exceptional service from your product concept through to completion, ensuring your customer’s needs are met. Daher has the ability to create customized products for virtually any use and can work from sketch, model, or drawing. Also, Daher can design and produce cost-effective prototypes from epoxy tooling. This allows the customer to test a prototype and make any necessary modifications or refinements, such as showcasing a company’s name and logo, before committing to final production.

In an effort to help you understand the product development procedure, we have broken our process down into six simple steps.

Product Development


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Step 1: Create a drawing
Generate a drawing of your new product idea. Be sure to include all measurements and specifications such as choice of material or accessory placement. For more information about the materials Daher uses, visit our Polyurethane Foam page or Industrial Sewing page.
The more information that can be included on the drawing, the more effectively and efficiently we can fulfill your needs.
Step 2: Submit drawing
Contact us by fax or email to submit your drawing along with your contact information (billing & shipping address included). One of our experienced product engineers will contact you to review your drawing and finalize your new product design.
Step 3: Create a prototype
Using your drawing, our staff will design and produce a cost effective prototype made from epoxy tooling. The creation of a prototype gives you the opportunity to test your new product.
Step 4: Product testing
Make modifications or refinements to the prototype before permanent tooling is ordered. This step could save your company a lot of time and money, especially in the case of mass production.
Step 5: Create final tooling
In partnership with Slagerman Engineering Tooling and Molding, Daher can take your CAD drawings to do the tooling and molding for your new product using the CNC process. 
Step 6: Full scale production
Your new product is now ready to be manufactured full-scale on our production line. Be sure to include a purchase order number or PO as well as shipping address on future orders.
Quality Assurance
All products at Daher are manufactured and tested to the highest industry standards to ensure safety, comfort, and reliability. 


For a better understanding of the possibilities offered by working with Daher, check out our Manufacturing Showroom where you can examine some examples of products our experienced team has manufactured for other companies.

Contact us; we look forward to working with you to create a product that exceeds your expectations.