Polyurethane Foam Core

Daher polyurethane foam core materials can be used as structural insulation or core material in composite construction. It delivers strong, light weight and cost competitive products with the performance specifications meet customers’ demand.

Daher polyurethane foam core materials can be employed in specific areas where extra stiffness is required without adding lots of weight.

Daher foam core can be molded into various patterns and finishing to suits customers’ needs; it can also bond to the laminate with or without any adhesives in accordance with customers’ requirements. Simple cores can be cut to the shape and length required by the customers to fit their manufacturing process.

As a leader in polyurethane foam industry, Daher Manufacturing Inc. also manufactures in-mold multi-curved foam cores with skins in one-shoot process; which can be fitted into desired location. Furthermore, Daher also manufactures foam core with steel plate insert incorporated. The steel insert can be infused in any location of the rigid foam core with various depths and length. For instance, Hinge foam core with 1/8’’ steel plate infused.


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