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Channel Armrest with Drain Hole

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Product description

The Channel Armrest with Drain Hole is similar to the Channel Armrest (without drain hole) in that both products are designed to provide optimal support for a weak or paralyzed upper extremity. In addition to support, it allows rotation of the forearm without limiting the client to a fixed position. Differences include a drain hole near the elbow, a wider forearm channel, and higher back lip.

The higher contoured back lip is ideal for keeping the elbow in place when the chair is tilted to its full angle. A drain hole is convenient for those who would like to attach the armrest to a shower chair.

The unique design of the armrest’s extrusion allows three mounting positions on any type of wheelchair that uses 7/8” or 1” tubing. Usually only one channel is needed for mounting leaving two channels open for other attachments such as straps or electronic control hardware. The slider profile is designed to accommodate a No. 10-32 flange locking nut.


  • Drain hole for shower, outdoor, or poolside use
  • Higher cup to hold the elbow in position
  • Relief to accommodate bony prominences such as the olecranon
  • Center section of the armrest is rounded to increase area of contact thereby reducing pressure on the forearm
  • Flat rounded surface at the front of the armrest allows the attachment of a therapeutic hand pad
  • A marked indentation locates the center of the circle. By drilling through the armrest, a custom-made or stock hand pad can be attached.
  • The upright shape assists in aligning the arm when a therapeutic hand pad is necessary
  • Wider recessed sides allow the client to internally or externally rotate their arm providing a comfortable change of position

The armrest measures 18″ long by 3-1/2″ wide at its narrowest point and 5″ wide at its widest point.  The lip is 3-1/4″ high.


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