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Chin Support with Removable Cover

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Product description

The purpose of the Chin Support Pad with Removable Cover is to keep the client’s chin off of their chest so they are more comfortable, can see directly ahead of themselves with ease, and will be less susceptible to injury from uncontrolled, spastic movements. The cut of the material allows for distribution of support to neck muscles so the airway is not constricted. Ample room for breathing and swallowing makes this product comfortable, supportive, functional, and effective.

It consists of two separate pieces that clip together. The upper foam portion contains a hidden zipper which allows the inner foam to be removed for easy washing and maintenance. The lower portion is a customized chest harness which secures the product into place.


  • Made from hospital-grade material
  • Chest harness portion is customizable
  • Removable cover is easy to wash and keep clean
  • No forehead strap means more comfortable and attractive


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