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Side Thorasic Support Pad

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Product description

Daher’s Side Thoracic Support (STS) Pads can be used to provide lateral or trunk support. They are pre-contoured to conform to an individual thorax; however, custom-fitting can be accomplished by hand shaping the pad to obtain an even distribution of pressure. The slimmer design combined with the ability to custom contour allows more intimate fitting to the client and results in improved pressure distribution.

Primarily, these pads were designed for application of corrective forces using the three-point pressure system. The STS pads are positioned over the ribs to counteract rotation caused by lateral spinal deviation. A third pad is applied on the lateral side of the pelvis to ensure equilibrium. The STS pads can also be used as a headrest pad.

The supports are molded using self-skinning polyurethane foam which encapsulates the mounting insert. Standard three point spherical mounting hardware also allows the supports to be used as headrests. The durable texture finish allows easy cleaning with mild soap and water.


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