After the pelvis and the trunk are stabilized, a client with some degree of head control may be able to function when provided with head and/or neck support.

Head and neck rests designed and manufactured by Daher are anatomically contoured to ensure optimal function and support. In attempting to address different disabilities with their varying degrees of involvement, all products were designed in close collaboration with seating technologists, therapists, and doctors.

The supports are molded from self-skinning polyurethane foam which encapsulates the sturdy structural steel mounting inserts. By having the metal plate insert shaped to follow as closely to the outer edge as possible, the possibility of the foam tearing at the edge of the metal structure is all but eliminated. Daher’s Head & Neck Supports’ durable textured surfaces allow easy cleaning with mild soap and water.

Mounting is by the recognized three point spherical hardware and can be ordered with stainless steel screws or additional Headrest Fixture Rings; see Head & Neck Support Hardware page for more information. Stock supports are available only in black; custom colors are available when ordered in large quantities.

Standard Features of All Daher’s Head and Neck Supports:

  • Heavier steel gauge inserts for greater strength. This reduces the tendency for the headrests to deform, especially when used with very hypertonic clients
  • Inserts are designed to follow as closely as possible to the outer edge of the foam, eliminating areas of large overlap (large overlap of foam tends to cause tearing along the rigid edge)
  • Head and neck rests can be custom contoured by hand to accommodate various individual requirements