Daher’s thoracic support pads and pommel seats were designed to facilitate maximum function of clients requiring back and/or frontal support, lateral, or trunk support. The pads reduce leaning while providing improved positioning. Some pads are contoured and can be shaped by hand to obtain an even distribution of pressure. The slim design combined with the ability to custom contour allows more intimate fitting to the client and results in improved pressure distribution.

Daher’s thoracic support pads and pommel seats are made from polyurethane foam and have a structural steel plate inside. Pads may be ordered with aluminum or stainless steel hardware and can be attached to most seating systems, frames, and standard wheelchairs. The durable texture finish allows easy cleaning with mild soap and water.

For additional lateral support, thoracic support pads can be used with our Lateral Support Headrest, Side Panel Armrest, or Pelvic Stabilizing Belts.