Download Chest Harnesses Measurements

Chest harnesses are used to stabilize the trunk in the anteroposterior direction in cases where there is extreme weakness of the trunk musculature.  

Daher’s Chest Harnesses are designed to allow the client maximum freedom within their functional range of motion.  The flexible and comfortable support, rather than total restraint, improves overall client acceptance and performance.  

The harnesses are available in two styles: the regular style features a full chest panel and the slim design accommodates the adult population and is most suitable for the female body or when minimal coverage of the chest is required.  Both styles are available in standard and extended versions.  They are easily removed using the quick-release buckles.

Supporting pads of our harnesses are made from durable ¼” neoprene material with laminated stretchable cloth on both sides.  The outer edge is finished with a Lycra cloth strip increasing its durability, restricting over stretching, and giving a smooth finish preventing skin abrasion.  It is this combination that provides maximum range of motion, client comfort and stability, as well as product durability. Visit our Industrial Sewing page for more information.

Daher Manufacturing Inc. chest harnesses are made of latex-free materials and may be cleaned using warm water and mild soap. When machine drying is required, it must be limited to a low temperature cycle. 

Custom harnesses are available for the individual with specific needs. Contact us with your request and if possible, please include a sketch or preferably a pattern.

We recommend using chest harnesses in combination with Pelvic Stabilizing Belts to provide maximum comfort, support, and safety. 


Ways to mount a Chest Harness to a wheelchair or seating shell system:

  • Use an Attachment Kit (click to view)
  • Screw the webbed straps directly into the tubing. Be sure to cauterize raw edges to prevent fraying.

Note: All chest harnesses use 1” Attachment Kit code D-KA-1”