Headrest Fixture Ring
Headrest Fixture Ring


The Headrest Fixture Ring is included with Daher’s Offset and Straight Headrest Hardware but does not come with head and neck rest pads. Additional Headrest Fixture Rings may be needed when multiple headrests are being interchanged on the same piece of hardware. For example, trial or fitting purposes with multiple clients and headrests. Another example would be if a client’s headrest is changed for different activities.

An additional piece of hardware useful for clients who changeover their headrest hardware is the Stop Collar which keeps the desired position of headrest mounting hardware should the headrest assembly be removed.


  • Standard three point spherical mount
  • Black to match headrests and hardware
  • Dimensions line up perfectly with Daher’s head and neck rests and hardware
  • Compatible with hardware offered by other companies than Daher Manufacturing