Channel Armrest
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Channel Armrest


Daher’s Channel Armrests are designed to provide optimal support for a weak or paralyzed upper extremity. In addition to support, it also allows rotation of the forearm without limiting the client to a fixed position.

The unique design of the extrusion allows three positions for mounting to any type of wheelchair hardware which uses either 7/8” or 1” tubing. Usually only one channel is needed for mounting leaving two channels open for other attachments such as straps or other devices such as electronic control hardware. The slider profile is designed to accommodate a stock off-the-shelf No. 10-32 flange locking nut.


  • Cup to hold the elbow in position
  • Relief to accommodate bony prominences such as the olecranon 
  • Center section of the armrest is rounded to increase area of contact thereby reducing pressure on the forearm 
  • Flat rounded surface at the front of the armrest allows the attachment of a therapeutic hand pad
  • A marked indentation locates the center of the circle.  By drilling through the armrest, a custom-made or stock hand pad can be attached.  
  • The upright shape assists in aligning the arm when a therapeutic hand pad is necessary 
  • Recessed sides allow the client to internally or externally rotate their arm providing a comfortable change of position