Elbow Support Armrests
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Elbow Support Armrests


The Elbow Support Armrests can be ordered for the left or right side of the body. As its name implies, this product provides additional support to the elbow which is ideal for keeping the arm in place when in a fully reclined position. The armrests are also designed to offer increased forearm movement towards and away from the body.

The Elbow Support Armrest is manufactured with an extrusion which allows it to be mounted in numerous positions. Usually only one channel is required for mounting which leaves two channels open for other attachments such as electronic control hardware or a hand pad.

The Elbow Support Armrests’ dimensions line up exactly with our Left Hand Pad. The contour of the Left Hand Pad is designed to comfortably support the hand and wrist while also preventing flexion contractures of the fingers. These products can be mounted together by using an attachment plate. By altering the length of an armrest, the combined products can accommodate varying arm lengths.