Flat Armrest (Regular)
Flat Armrest (Regular)Flat Armrest (Desktop)Flat Armrest (Regular)Flat Armrest (Desktop)
Flat Armrests


Daher Manufacturing Inc.’s Flat Armrests are available in regular and desktop lengths. With a user friendly wide-top surface, the flat armrests are comfortable, durable, and have a seamless finish that does not trap dirt. These armrests are ideal for clients who want the most out of their chair. 

The unique design of the extrusion allows three positions for mounting to any type of wheelchair hardware which uses either 7/8” or 1” tubing. One channel is needed for mounting leaving two channels open for other attachments such as electronic control hardware or a hand pad. The slider profile is designed to accommodate a 10-32 flange locking nut.

We recommend using our Flat Armrests with a Swivel Armrest Mount as it is designed to increase the effectiveness of an armrest by offering a multi-position arm support.