Swivel Armrest Mount
Swivel Armrest MountSwivel Armrest Mount (bottom view)Swiveling Armrest Mount
Swivel Armrest Mount (fit to 7/8" tubing)


The Swivel Armrest Mount is designed to increase the effectiveness of an armrest by offering multi-position mounting. The swing-away and lock into position features help with arm positioning and are useful for transfers. The mount can be attached to 7/8 inch tubing for armrest frames and features a breakaway connector for emergency exit of client from chair. The multi-position arm support provided increases arm positioning access for assistive devices such as cell phone use and call bells.

The Swivel Armrest Mount complements our product line as it is compatible with any of our products which feature an extrusion. Some examples include our Channel Armrest, Flat Armrest, and Elbow Support Armrest. Installation is quick, easy, and can be done on either side of a wheelchair.

Click to view Swivel Armrest Mounting Instructions.


  1. Swivel Armrest Mount (fit to 1' tubing) can be specially ordered.
  2. The Swivel Armrest Mount is sold separately from the armrest.