Y-Style Pelvic Stabilizing Belt
Y-Style Pelvic Stabilizing BeltY-Style Pelvic Support Belt with Auto BuckleY-Style Pelvic Stabilizing Belt Sketch
Y-Style Pelvic Stabilizing Belt


This style is designed for clients requiring increased pelvic stabilization, in particular for clients demonstrating pelvic tilt.

The Y-Style Pelvic Stabilizing Belt’s padding can be applied either with the angled belts placed over the crest of the pelvis or in a position similar to the Four Point Stabilizing Belt.  The choice is determined by the medically assessed needs of the client.

In either position, the additional padding provides maximum pressure distribution over the pelvis, giving comfortable restraint for most involved cases.

An alternative to the dual-release buckle is the automotive-style seat-belt buckle.