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Bolster Thoracic Support (BTS) Pads & Hardware


The BTS Pads provide inexpensive trunk support. Individual pads can be cut in half and, by sliding each half over a metal insert, create an effective lateral support system. The BTS pad may also be used individually as padding over a supportive strap such as a seat belt or tie down sleeve.

The BTS Pads come in three different sizes; the center slot in each allows the pad to be slid over 1” (small), 1.5” (medium), or 2” (large) metal inserts or straps.

Note: Bolster hardware is available in 1” (small), 1.5” (medium), or 2” (large) widths.

Bolster Thoracic Support (BTS) Pad Dimensions:

Product CodeLengthWidthThickness
RC-BP-50 10" 2" 0.875"
RC-BP-100 10" 2.75" 0.875"
RC-BP-200 12.5" 3.5" 1"

Bolster Thoracic Support (BTS) Pad Hardware Dimensions:

Product CodeLengthWidthThickness
RC-BP-50 4.75" 1.125" 1.0"
RC-BP-100 4.0" 2.0" 1.0"
RC-BP-200 5.25" 2.5" 1.0"