Full Thoracic Support (FTS) Pad (Large)
Full Thoracic Support (FTS) Pads


Full Thoracic Support Pads are designed to be custom mounted on devices such as a walker. Their width and contour provide comfortable support to facilitate maximum function of clients requiring back and/or frontal support. Our clients have also used FTS pads as an option to available headrests. Other applications include thoracic support on bicycles, tricycles, commodes, and stand-up frames.

The structural encapsulated steel plate has three ¼ x 20 threaded Nserts for easy mounting. The Nserts are positioned in all FTS pads may be custom formed by hand-bending to suit the individual client.

An additional Nsert is placed on each end approximately 1 ¼” from the extended end of the plate to facilitate attachment of accessory straps. These Nserts can be located with the use of a needle. After location, drill the foam away with a regular bit.

Full Thoracic Support (FTS) Pad Dimensions:

Product CodeWidthHeightFlange Depth
RC-FTS-50 11" 6" 4.5"
RC-FTS-100 13" 6.5" 5.0"
RC-FTS-200 15" 7.5" 5.5"