Portable Toilet Seat Pads
Portable Toilet Seat PadsPortable Toilet Seat Pad (underside)Portable Toilet Seat Pads (carrying bag included)
Portable Toilet Seat Pads


The original prototype for this product was designed by Mr. Orville Olsen. In 1976 he collaborated with Reinhard Daher to modify the design of these pads to their present configuration. Changes in design and production included replacing close-cell foam with self-skinning polyurethane foam. Since an important characteristic of self-skinning foam is water resistance and easy maintenance, these properties proved to be ideal for this application. The product also has a record of excellent durability.

The newly-designed curvature was determined by measuring and averaging a number of stock toilet seats. Consequently, the pad clips on to nearly every toilet seat on the market. The final product proved to be comfortable, convenient, and simple to use. The Portable Toilet Seat Pads are lightweight and inconspicuous when transported in the optional carrying bag.


D-TSP-100, 1" Toilet Seat Pad, carrying bag is included.

D-TSP-300, 3" Toilet Seat Pad, carrying bag is optional.