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Replacement Buckles


Throughout the 30 years Daher has been in business buckle styles have evolved. The best way to ensure that the replacement buckle you are ordering is the same style as the ones you currently have is to send us a picture. Daher can then consult its suppliers to match product codes. If it is an old style buckle, please be advised it may take some time to order the parts in as we may not currently have any in stock.

Daher products that use buckles are our Chest Harnesses (1” only) and Pelvic Stabilizing Belts (1”, 1.5”, and 2”). The ribbed strapping, also known as webbing, is measured according to its width and should be matched with buckle sizes accordingly. For example, a Y-Style Pelvic Stabilizing Belt 2” will require a Replacement Buckle 2”.